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iPAD Coffee Club at SGH

After last session's inspiring introduction to Nearpod, it was great to hear that the Allergy team have been using this in their new 'Teaching the Teachers to Teach' module and it is being well received by students. This month's iPAD coffee club focused on note-taking and annotating pdfs. Apple TV is proving to be a useful asset to the sessions, making it easier for attendees to share what they are doing with the whole group. Continue reading →

iPAD Coffee Club at SGH

At a festive-themed iPAD coffee club we explored some of the 12 apps of Christmas recommended by the Dublin Institute of Technology. Andrew O'Malley has tweeted further details of apps recommended in response to various questions raised during the session. OneNote was suggested for managing notes, and can include photos of handwritten notes and audio recordings. After the recent update to iOS 9, the iPad Notes app has a number of new features. Continue reading →

Ideas for Sketchnotes

I’ve not had many opportunities to sketchnote in the past few months, but I keep the practice up by trying different style, different fonts, different ‘thinking’ and concepts. But what i love is seeing what other people do and seeing if I can adapt and include in my own ‘repertoire’. Continue reading →