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e-coffee @ SGH

In this month’s e-coffee@SGH session, Daryl Peel from the Digital Learning team demonstrated two tools that can help users familiarise themselves with a physical space, or even use a physical space to help familiarise users with a topic.   ActionBound offers a means of creating interactive scavenger hunts, using GPS to recognise a location, and guiding users through a series of activities as they move around the space. Continue reading →

Gamtopia – An Introductory Narrative

I try to write, in fact I've written quite a lot of stories from fantasy adventures and sci-fi, well, I say written, I've started many stories but never actually finished them. I feel my writing style also leaves a lot to be desired, but I decided to give it a go once more. This time I would be using gamification and narrative to explain the basic elements used in gamified design. I know it's a little bit meta but I think it works. I used an online program called Continue reading →

“Escape” the monotony of boring activities

Escape rooms in education Their eyes flick to the clock. 5 minutes left till the end of the lesson! These students are not hoping for time to finish, but completely the opposite, they wish there was more time. This is due to the implementation of the escape room phenomenon. Many people reading this will have heard of the popular escape rooms that follows a similar structure to Crystal Maze from the 90's. Continue reading →

Learn to play, play to learn

Gamification is a word that has been thrown around with a lot of interest but very little action. Small pockets of innovators have produce astonishing pieces of work in various faculties across the university. As the new Learning Designer here at ILIaD I have a vision to bring together those innovators in Gamification and spread the word on what is capable with this learning design. (, 2016) It's estimated that 18. Continue reading →