How to post and comment

The ILIaD Community of Practice website is based on the University’s WordPress service, a popular tool that enables users to post messages and comments.

Logging in

You don’t need to log in to read the messages and posts on the site – they are public and open to the world.

All CoP members are automatically added as users of this site – this means that if you log in using the link in the Welcome panel on the right of the screen you will be able to create your own posts and add comments to others. Log in using your University username and password.

When you log in you are taken to your Profile page – simply select ILIaD Community of Practice from the top of the screen to view the site.

Screenshot showing how to access the site Creating a post

We encourage all Associates to share case studies, resources and questions by creating posts. Click the + New link at the top of the page and choose Post.

Adding a new post

Give your post a descriptive title and then type the content – you can format the text, add links and quotes etc. The Add media button enables you to upload JPG or PNG images and add them to your post if you wish. Your post will initially appear on the home page, but will get pushed down the page by newer posts and will soon only be visible if it is searched for.

To help others find your post later when it is no longer on the front page of the site, please choose one or more Categories by selecting from the list. You can also add relevant Tags  – just type one or more relevant keywords and click the Add button.  As the example shows, the system will prompt you with existing tags if it can, making it easier to find related items – just click to accept its suggestion or carry on typing if it isn’t needed.

categories2 Adding tagsWhen you are ready, you can Preview your post – and it is always a good idea to read it through before you Publish it to the site.


Commenting on posts

Click the Leave Comment link at the foot of any post and type your reply in the message box.

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