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“Escape” the monotony of boring activities

Escape rooms in education Their eyes flick to the clock. 5 minutes left till the end of the lesson! These students are not hoping for time to finish, but completely the opposite, they wish there was more time. This is due to the implementation of the escape room phenomenon. Many people reading this will have heard of the popular escape rooms that follows a similar structure to Crystal Maze from the 90's. Continue reading →

Learn to play, play to learn

Gamification is a word that has been thrown around with a lot of interest but very little action. Small pockets of innovators have produce astonishing pieces of work in various faculties across the university. As the new Learning Designer here at ILIaD I have a vision to bring together those innovators in Gamification and spread the word on what is capable with this learning design. (, 2016) It's estimated that 18. Continue reading →

Have you heard about the use of Student Response Systems (SRS) to increase student engagement, but not yet tried them for yourself?

Join us for an informal 1 hour lunchtime session to hear about the benefits and get some hands on experience of their use.  They are a lot simpler to use than you may think, and can bring new life to a 'tired' lecture. Monday 10th May, 1pm - 2pm, Building 6, room 1129 (Nuffield), Sign up here Until recently, Turning Point clickers have been the principle system at Southampton, but there are now many online alternatives which use students' phones, tablets or laptops instead. Continue reading →

Building better learning objects

10 ways to ensure your digital media is effective every time. This short guide provides an opportunity for academics and expert contributors to think about the media that they create for courses, whether that's video, audio podcast, illustration, photograph, animation or interactive element. It's worth exploring why some of these learning objects are effective and why some just aren't and how you can ensure the video or other digital object you make will encourage repeat views and listens. Continue reading →

H5P now available for blog.soton WordPress sites

Following a recent post here by Alex Furr, iSolutions have now installed the H5P multimedia plugin on the blog.soton WordPress server, so any websites that use this can now take advantage of all of H5P's features. For example here is a multiple-choice question that took me just a minute or two to create: [h5p id="1"] Technical note: if you have a WordPress site hosted on blog.soton and wish to use H5P, you’ll need to download the H5P libraries from this page https://h5p. Continue reading →

Student TEL Survey 2015

What do students think about TEL at the University? What are their expectations around Blackboard (or any VLE we use), recorded lectures or online submission? The ILIaD student TEL survey for 2015 aims to provide a benchmark in this area. The results will provide a comparison to staff responses to a similar survey which ran earlier this academic year. The results of both surveys will also feed into further work being carried out across the University in faculties and professional services. Continue reading →