The Community of Practice (CoP) is the network of staff from across the University, who are passionate about education innovation and excellence, who come together to share good practice, collaborate, learn new skillls, undertake research and lead the University’s ambition to revolutionise education.

Benefits of membership

  • Networking and collaboration
  • Sharing good practice
  • Specialist mentoring
  • Events and workshops
  • Pedagogic research
  • Recognition of educational excellence
  • Sponsership of EEF applications
  • Funding opportunities


Membership levels

There are three levels of membership:


You may wish to join the community as an affiliate if you

  • wish to keep abreast of advances in the field of education innovation and/or development;
  • have a research interest aligned to ILIaD priorities
  • are working with the ILIaD to bring education innovation and/or development into their work practice;
  • are new to a teaching, learning or development role;
  • participating in PGCAP are automatically granted Affiliate status of the community of practice.

Membership is open to all staff members and no application process is required. Join now.

Associate Members

Applications for Associate membership are invited from staff who are actively:

  • participating in education innovation or development activities
  • sharing good practice and championing education enhancement with colleagues.
  • and/or undertaking research directly aligned to the ILIaD ambition to revolutionise education

Read more and apply


Fellowships are awarded by the ILIaD Fellowship panel to those who:

  • Achieve national or international prominence in areas of Learning and Teaching Innovation and/or Professional Development.
  • Have a significant record of publications in the areas of pedagogy, innovations in teaching, professional development or learning technologies
  • Have devoted a significant part of their career to improving education and the student experience at the University of Southampton

Fellowship is by invitation.

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