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Scaling the sax

Huge congrats to Wayne Hau who won the  department’s Saxophone Scale Off Competition 2015. The final round was an intense show down between Wayne and 2014 champion, Emily Cox. Next year’s competition should be all the more exciting to see if Wayne keeps his crown, if Emily takes it back, or if there is dark horse out there waiting for their moment! The post Scaling the sax appeared first on Music at Southampton. Continue reading →

Starting to Share the Sound

Anna Stonehouse and Beth Hopkins (both year 2) have been working on a brand-new live music festival that will launch in March – save the dates!  Since September 2014 a committee of enthusiastic Jazz and Poppers have been creating an exciting new project called Share The Sound music festival. The festival will be held on Friday 13th March and Saturday 14th March in The Talking Heads pub in Southampton. Continue reading →

Music and Disability – pioneering a new field for undergraduate study

Professor of Music Laurie Stras has been preparing an innovative and exciting addition to our undergraduate programme: Over the Christmas holidays, I spent time developing my new undergraduate module for Semester 2. Not very exciting, you might think, but when I say ‘new’, I mean not just new for me, or the Music department. I mean new for UK university music all together, and only the second undergraduate module of its kind anywhere in the world. Continue reading →

On the way to Grade 1

The Grade One Orchestra in action Catherine Underhill (year 3) gives us a mid-year update on MuSoc’s new project, in which Music students are being sponsored to achieve ABRSM grade 1 in a brand-new instrument: The Grade One-a-thon is going very well so far and some big steps forward have been made! First of all, the Music Department generously lent us enough money to purchase one copy per candidate for us all to have before the Christmas period. Continue reading →

Cramer at Chawton

Chawton House Manikka, Harry and Laurence at in the Great Hall Pianist Harry Matthews (year 2) tells us about the most recent Music department concert at Chawton House Library: Last Tuesday, I went with Professor David Owen Norris, Laurence McNaughton and Manikka Marchant to provide a night of Georgian piano music at Chawton House Library. The concert was performed on an early 19th-century Stodart Patent Compensating Grand piano. Continue reading →

Experiencing music therapy

Alice Charlton (centre) leads cochlear implantees in percussion work Sarah Hodkinson, our Lecturer in Music Therapy, describes a workshop that allowed students to gain valuable hands-on experience to complement their year 3 music therapy lectures: Music students Alice Charlton, Esme Phillips, and Panos Mathicolonis assisted me in a music therapy workshop at the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service. The students are well aware of the significance of music. Continue reading →

Last month in jazz and pop

Our head of jazz and pop performance, Thomas Seltz, reports on October events: 30 October: In the first of four events organised in partnership between MuSoc (the Student Union Music Society) and the Music Department, the new generation of entertainers took to the stage of Talking Heads and delighted the crowds with their beautiful songs and youthful energy. On 24 October, the jazz performance class had a visit from Tim Garland. Continue reading →