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Reblogged from the Day of Archaeology 2015:  Today I’m working at Hampshire Cultural Trust with Dave Allen. I’m lucky because my visit times with the regular weekly volunteer day at the Archaeology Stores, managed by the Curator of Archaeology, David Allen. To find out more about the work of David and the team, visit their excellent blog, which has a new post every Monday. Continue reading →

Postcard from Iberia: RTI recording of Palaeolithic cave and rock art in Spain and Portugal

Marta Díaz-Guardamino and Paul Pettitt recording Palaeolithic art in El Castillo Cave, Spain It was 40oC in the direct sun, too hot and too bright to head into Portugal’s Côa valley to record the open-air Paleolithic rock engravings of this World Heritage Site, so we waited until 8pm, until the temperature reached a slightly more manageable 32oC, and more importantly the sun was setting behind the steep side of the valley. Continue reading →

The 2014 Small Finds go for Conservation

Last week, we dropped off the 2014 season small finds to the Hampshire County Council Museums Service headquarters to be conserved by their excellent team of conservators. The staff at Museums HQ were fantastic, taking time out of their busy morning schedules to show some of the students the conservation laboratories and the archaeology collection stores. Tilly was so inspired by her visit to Museums HQ that she has written a blog post describing the trip. Continue reading →

What the Papers’ Say: Excavations at Agincourt, 1818

Caledonian Mercury, Edinburgh, Monday, May 25, 1818   It was sometime ago mentioned, in one of the English newspapers, that some of the officers attached to the British Staff of the Army of Occupation had been employing themselves in searching for reliques on the field on which the famous battle of Agincourt was fought on the 25th of October, in the year 1415 – We are very happy to learn that their labours have been crown with success far beyond their expectation, and the number of gold... Continue reading →

Day 10 – The discovery of a Roman coin! – by Phoebe

The archaeology of the sections so far… The excavation has reached it’s tenth day here at Basing House, and as all the sections are hitting their respective base layers it is easy to see from looking at the section edges of the trench as well as the finds from each of the contexts we have removed, the changing archaeology of each soil layer and perhaps even their era of human activity… The site so far… 1. Continue reading →