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New research story: Wars of Memory by Claire Eldridge

Wars of Memory by Claire Eldridge In July 1962, French empire in Algeria came to an end following one of the most violent and iconic wars of decolonisation. That summer, while Algerians celebrated their independence, almost one million inhabitants of the former colony felt compelled to leave their homeland and make their way across the Mediterranean to France. Continue reading →

CLLEAR seminar Wed 19 March Dr Cecile De Cat, University of Leeds

Please join us for the next CLLEAR seminar on Wednesday (19 March) 5.00pm (Avenue Campus Lecture Theatre C). Dr. Cecile De Cat from University of Leeds. Title: Representational deficit or processing effect? An RT study of noun-noun compound processing by very advanced L2 speakers of English Abstract: Noun-noun compounds (NNCs) are syntactic structures that vary cross-linguistically in terms of headedness and productivity. Continue reading →

TNS workshop TODAY 4:20 PM 65A/2251 A network of ties, or tied to a network?

Please join us for a TNS workshop today, Wednesday 12 March, 4.20pm-7.00pm in 65a/2251. A network of ties, or tied to a network? Led by: Jenny Cuffe & Heather Meyer PhD students Heather Meyer and Jenny Cuffe lead a workshop on transnational social ties, using examples from their current research to illustrate what it means to be ‘globally connected’. Continue reading →