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The site and the Portus Project

Looking westwards towards Portus. Photo: Simon Keay Portus was the maritime port of Imperial Rome, and for c. 500 years was the commercial hub that connected the Metropolis to the broader Mediterranean. It was a very large complex covering c. 3.5km2 and which encompassed c. 230.5 Ha of harbour basins and quays, as well as canals, warehouses, temples, churches, houses and administrative buildings. Continue reading →

See you at Ostia Antica

As part of a series of monthly meetings “Vediamoci a Ostia Antica” (See you at Ostia Antica) organised by the Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica, on the 11 September 2018 at 5pm Simon Keay, Cinzia Morelli and Renato Sebastiani will be speaking about “The Imperial port”. Download the programme The post See you at Ostia Antica appeared first on Portus Project. Continue reading →

Portus and Me

Hembo taking photographs for photogrammetry. Photo: Rose Ferraby First time i came to Portus in 2008 and spent two months learning various technologies used in archaeological (high tech) excavation. Since then I’ve been back there every year, and I am writing this post from the Casale, overlooking the Grandi Magazzini Di Settimio Severo. Continue reading →

Imaging Event/Hackathon

Few days to go to Rode Imaging Event where ACRG will be represent on power of three: Graeme Earl, James Miles and me. List of presenters at the seminar and workshop day include specialist with different expertise: multispectral imaging, 3D data acquisition and processing and theoretical approach. Hackathon weekend is supported by Garage48, people specialised in hackathons and helping start-ups. Continue reading →

Night with Gertrude. And Victor.

Updated Dec 9th: Video added. Gertrude with high altar behind Gertrude is an old lady. About 600 years old. She is one of the wooden statues at the high altar in St. Nicholas’ Church, Tallinn. Gertrude is reviled to the public three times a year. Rest of the time she and other status are hidden behind the massive altar wings. Those altar wings are covered with medieval comic strip about life of St. Nicholas and St. Victor. Continue reading →