October 3, 2012
How do I use categories and tags?

Each post can be assigned any number of categories and tags. Categories allows for broad grouping of post topics e.g. ‘food’, and categories can also have a hierarchy e.g. Food – Sweet – Savoury Tags have NO hierarchy and are typically used to describe a post in more detail. For example, if your post was about dolphin shaped […]

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What is a ‘Post’?

A ‘Post’ is simply a blog post. You can think of it as a news item if you prefer. Most wordpress themes show the latest blog posts on the front page, but also keep an archive of previous posts on a separate page. Posts can be searched for using a word in the title OR in the […]

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What’s the difference between a WordPress Blog and a Blackboard Blog?

WordPress has a couple of key features that may make it attractive as a blogging tool for your students. However, it also lacks several features that the Blackboard Blog tool has. Advantages of WordPress over Blackboard 1. Customisation WordPress has many options for customising backgrounds, header images, menus and overall look and feel. There are […]

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