It’s been quite a year really but the Games Design¬†Hub has gone from strength to strength and, now, we’ve finally launched our website.

Lot’s of exciting meetings have come and gone and now we’re really in the thick of developing lots of projects.

Here are some of the games projects we’ve been involved with and are currently developing:

  • Environmental Protection Simulations
  • Games for Learning and Social Awareness
  • Marketing Simulations
  • Game Development with Creative User Interfaces
  • Developing the curriculum for two brand new Games Degrees, BA (Hons) and MA, starting at the University of Southampton, 2014
  • Interactive Textbooks
  • National and Global partnerships for Game Development
  • Seminars and Guest talks on how games equal big business and how no sensible company will forget this most interactive of media.

And we’re hoping to be involved in even more in our second year!

If you, or your company/institution, are interested to learn how games have helped other businesses succeed and can help you, please contact either Ashok Ranchhod or Gary Wills to find out more.


Ashok Ranchhod | Gary Wills