Working from Home on Placement – Why should you still take that opportunity?

Working from Home on Placement – Why should you still take that opportunity?

I would first like to outline that I won’t be able to draw a comparison between working from home and working in an office as will most likely finish my placement without having ever stepped foot into the Hewlett Packard Enterprise office.

I am currently working for HPE as a Business Development Support Intern. My experience with working from home has been very positive, despite it being different to what I had hoped for. One thing that should not discourage you from choosing a placement year from home is taking on the role. You will get so much support and everyone will be really understanding that you are not going to know everything when you first arrive. They give you time and very good communication (especially now I am remote working) to ensure I know everything to play my part.

There are pros and cons of working from home during your placement year, the most immediate negative aspect you will notice is the reduced social life should you choose to live back at home for money saving purposes. But if you decided to live with your friends, you will have a more sociable time, but remember you’ll be working full time 9-5! However, the biggest benefit to working from home during your placement (if you are fortunate enough to live with your parents) is that you will have very good income with very little expenditure. You will save so much money for whatever purpose you want; holidays, next year’s rent or general saving is an incredible benefit you wouldn’t otherwise get. But ultimately, you can live anywhere with an internet connection which is cool if there’s anywhere in particular you have always wanted to live. You can still get a student loan to help with rent if needed too.

Thankfully I have still been able to develop my skills & experience whilst WFH. I have still been progressing my communication to a more corporate, professional level with day to day interaction, my confidence has been boosted as I must still give presentations to large groups even if it’s on Teams. Additionally, I have still been developing my PDP (personal development plan) with my manager and Early Careers Lead where I highlight my objectives and which areas of experience I want to develop and they give me the right channels and space to do so. Nothing much is different about developing your skills whilst WFH as you’ll still be conducting day-to-day business and you are still allowed to look into other areas of the business for broadening your abilities.

There is a lot of things to weigh up so I have made some bullets below to start you off thinking. One thing I would take away from this is that it’s still worth it to undertake a remote working placement.

Pros Cons
Great experience and skill development in a business environment. Missing university social life
Saving good money (if living at home) Not meeting other interns in person
Living more comfortably than at university Potential difficulty with accommodation
Less pressure than in an office Living with family for a long time gets boring
Online work social calls to keep connected and keep it fun  


If you have any other things to consider then speak to the Placement Office, they are great with any questions you have & have helped me a lot throughout the process to please utilise them!


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