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Creme eggs, internships and university work – Tips for a successful Easter

With Easter approaching next week, there is mutual agreement that the days are getting warmer and longer; at last the worst of winter has gone.  Spring has arrived but academically, its almost the end of the year – just one final leap!

FBL - Final Leap

FBL placements – Final Leap

The FBL placements office know that Easter is a crucial time for a student regardless of the year or subject: Here are our 5 top tips to make sure you have a successful break.

  1. Write down what you want to achieve

4 weeks is a long time, it can be helpful to write a few tasks you would like to achieve in that time. Perhaps to gain some part time work, apply for graduate jobs , summer placements or simply to revise a certain number of hours per week.

  1. Contemplate a placement or work experience

Easter is a fantastic time to get some more work experience. The University of Southampton offers the excel placements but you could also research your local companies to see if they are recruiting.

  1. Check deadlines

Deadlines come in all shapes and sizes and during Easter, it’s easy to loose track of important dates. Make sure important calendar events such as student finance payments, interviews, and coursework deadlines after Easter are at the forefront of your mind. Some applications for summer placements and jobs also end around April time so keep your eyes opened.

FBL placements - Easter calander

FBL placements – Easter calander

    4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

This can also be a slightly busy period of the year but there are many people to help you at university of Southampton, friends and family. At the FBL placements office we are happy to help and give advice on topic such as placements, internships and CV advice.

   5. Enjoy a good work balance

Make sure you have some time off as well as keeping on top of all the work. This holiday is a time to refresh yourself before semester 2 exams and the summer so enjoy the better weather and friends. It is Easter after all and chocolate has been scientifically proven to aid stress and work – so Creme eggs are a recommendation.

FBL placements - Creme egg

FBL placements – Creme egg

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