Making applications

The Placements Office works closely with students throughout years 1 and 2 of your degree to ensure you are ready to make great placement applications. Face-to-face sessions are complemented by our online course, which you’ll work through in each semester of your course. To access the online course, click here.

The University’s central Careers and Employability¬†service also offers video and written tutorials with handy tips and advice. as well as one-to-one appointments with qualified practitioners.

Making applications can be a time consuming process but you are far more likely to be successful if you understand what recruiters are looking for and how you can stand out:



The Careers page here lists all of the resources currently available, and gives details on how to make an appointment with their specialist practitioners.

The Placements Office has also put together this document on the STAR method, which can be useful in skills or competency-based interviews and applications.