International Students

The resources listed on this page are to assist international students looking for internships or placements. There are many work opportunities for international students, and the information here should help you find them.

If you require a visa to study or work in the UK, you must comply with all your visa rules regarding working during or after your studies. If you have any questions about working and your visa, please contact the University’s VISAS team.

Business etiquette Business etiquette in the UK (pdf)

The culture and pace of business in the UK may be different to what you expect if you have not experienced it before. This short guide has been put together to help you avoid difficult situations and to ensure you make a good impression on your colleagues.

Understanding the UK Recruitment process Understanding the UK recruitment process (pdf)

Companies in the UK use a variety of different methods to recruit new employees, and the process can often be an extended one. This guide has been put together to give you an idea of what to expect if you are looking for employment in the UK.

Student Groups Student groups, societies, and volunteering

Student groups and societies are a great way to improve your skills whilst furthering an interest and meeting new people at University. Organising events, looking after finances, or working on marketing as part of a student society gives you important experiences to talk about as part of applications and interviews. SUSU has over 300 student groups spanning a huge range of interests, and a “RAG” committee dedicated to charity fundraising. Please visit their website to find out more.