Placements so far: Apple and Coty

As students start their placements for 2017/18, we’re sharing stories of their placements so far. Today, Annie and Tobie share brief insights into their first weeks at Apple and Coty:

This post was written by third year BSc Business Management student Annie who is enjoying her placement year at Coty.


Today marks 10 years of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume! I was greeted this morning with a limited edition Daisy desk drop, with a flower, mini mirror and info card. There has also been a prize draw to win exclusive Marc Jacobs clothing items, exciting polaroid opportunities, a Marc Jacobs candy floss machine and much more to celebrate Daisy’s success!

Candy floss, anyone?

Candy floss, anyone?

This experience isn’t rare in the Wimbledon offices as Coty continues to engage with and be proud of its impressive portfolio of brands.  I have been working in my Retail and Sales placement role for less than two week and yet have already; learned so much about Coty’s prestige brands and the fragrance industry, gained valuable skills and developed my understanding of important software, met so many friendly people and been fully welcomed into the Coty work family!

My desk

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student Tobie who is enjoying his placement year at Apple.

I have just started my fifth week at Apple, working as an interactive marketing producer. So far, I have been working on updating various web pages for them across 30+ different countries, requiring careful localisation using translators, developers and validators. My role also includes content publishing within YouTube and direct email.

It is great to get an insight into Apple’s extremely rigorous processes, and the way in which they simplify every part of their marketing message to fully engage with consumers. I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility as the role progresses and also moving to London in September to be closer to the office.

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