My placement so far: IBM

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student, Dom, on placement at IBM.

Today marks exactly one month since I started my placement with IBM. Honestly, I can say that It’s been one of the scariest, most full-on and most challenging months of my life, but ultimately, it’s been one of the most rewarding 31 days of my life so far and am so happy that I changed my course to include this year.

Coming in to such a well renowned, multi-national billion-dollar company like IBM and doing a job I had no experience with, naturally I was nervous. These nerves were immediately put at rest by my welcoming colleagues who kept telling me to ask lots of questions, because trust me, I had a lot!

Dom has already been writing blog posts for IBM, less than one month into his placement

Dom has already been writing blog posts, less than one month into his placement at IBM

In terms of my development I can already see a huge improvement in myself. From writing a blog published to the IBM internal blog page for thousands of ‘IBMers’ to view explaining the new, exciting update on a product. To writing the script for a new video containing an extremely technical use case to be published onto one of the main YouTube channels with 11,000 subscribers. These, as well as a wide range of other tasks and opportunities have led to me developing massively, and at times hearing myself speak and questioning who have I transformed into?

All in all, I have enormously enjoyed my first month here and if the next 11 are anything like this I will be a very lucky guy. I recommend IBM to anyone looking for a placement, because if it goes anything like how mine is so far, you will have a great year.

As students start their placements, we’ll be sharing more stories like Dom’s. Interested in a placement at IBM? Check the jobs board.

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