My Placement So Far: The Yes Yes Company – Part 2

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student Pia

I have currently completed just over half of my placement at The YES YES Company. As the only placement student, my role is both diverse and original. Being solely responsible for a variety of tasks means I am able to have a real influence over my areas of responsibility. I have been presented with the opportunity to learn a great deal about an industry that I never thought I would, and the fast growing nature of the business has made my experience both fast paced and exciting!

Learning to use various online platforms such as Hootsuite and Mailchimp has supported my work and widened my digital marketing knowledge significantly, providing me with a valuable skill set that will benefit me following my degree. I have particularly enjoyed designing and implementing monthly email campaigns sent to over 50,000 direct customers from across the globe. Having the ability to generate revenue and communicate with customers directly is extremely rewarding and certainly rare in a placement role.

Aside from managing our email calendar and social presence, I have also been involved with many other aspects of the business. Highlights include visiting the Ocado head offices to assist the delivery a sales pitch, and learning more about the product development process through getting involved in new product meetings. Experimenting in a wide range of digital and non-digital marketing tasks has given me the perfect opportunity to find my niche.

YES doesn’t only live up to its ethical status through its certified organic products, but also through its truly moral values, making it a pioneering and ‘one of a kind’ company in the industry. Aside from these wonderful qualities that YES has to offer, the working environment is also one that cannot be faulted. The open plan office is set in a converted barn in Hampshire, and generous offerings such as fortnightly yoga classes in the office, and the opportunity to work a 9 day fortnight are just an added bonus!

I feel extremely lucky to be working for such an original company with truly ethical values which reflect my own. I look forward to what the coming months have to offer, and will be very sad to leave when the time comes!

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