My Placement So Far: Rainbow Designs

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well! As I have recently completed five months of my placement, I just thought of sharing a bit about my journey so far. Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Dibyayan and I am currently undertaking my placement as a Business Analyst at Rainbow Designs. I study Accounting and Finance and will be returning to the university this autumn to complete my final year.

I will now be sharing the benefits of undertaking a year in employment whilst still enjoying the aspects of being a student. I have structured my suggestions in a Q&A format that you will find below. Hope you all find it useful!

  • My experience of finding a placement:

Here you will notice a good few mistakes I made so that you can avoid them! Now, I started looking for a placement in October 2020 and had only applied to about five companies until March 2021. I had received the confirmation of being invited to the final stage of two of the five companies in December and was quite confident that I will at least make it to one of them. February comes and I get rejected. Fast-forward a few weeks to March and I get rejected again. Boom, I am now stuck in the middle of a pandemic with 0 applications and a dwindling hope. Essentially, I underestimated the competitive nature of the assessment centres. You can probably guess what I did then – Sent about 50 applications to any company that I could still find online. It is safe to say that if not for the Business School’s Placement Team and my advisor, I wouldn’t be writing this today.

So, be ambitious but be more strategic than I was. Open up to more options as there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ place to begin any career.

  • My experience during placement:


Firstly, I have been very lucky to have a great manager. I genuinely believe the experience of any person at work is strongly determined by his/her supervisor. To have someone who trusts you to get something done, and is also willing to teach you better ways to work is invaluable. Secondly, the culture of any company is why you want to work for them. I am glad to say that I work with some of the nicest people I have ever met.


My role as a Business Analyst allows me to work cross-functionally with multiple teams across our business. The cliché of being more than a number is not just a statement here. I am trusted to deliver various reports that could impact our profitability, operations and brand awareness.  An aspect that I was pleasantly surprised about was that I had regular access to the senior leadership team of our business. Starting from our principal shareholder to the senior level managers, they are all happy to answer my questions. Regardless of what my future full-time career might be, the experiences that I gathered here will play a key part in my success.


  • Why should you do a placement:


I will list the most important points below since there are so many!

  • You get to gain a good understanding of the real world of work. You demonstrate and get answers to:
  • How to work well in a team?
  • How to meet deadlines?
  • How to communicate in a business environment?

Most importantly, you get an answer to, “Do I want to do this/something similar, for the rest of my life?” If you ask me, this alone is enough to do a placement.

  • You get a competitive edge in the graduate job market – A good degree, some part-time experience whilst at university, and also a good few months working in a real company! You’re hired!


Oh, did I mention you get paid for all this? Talk about a deal!

I hope this gives you a rough idea of what to expect. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn. Good luck!


Kind regards,


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