Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the scariest of them all?

If there was one stage of the application process that students feel the least confident about, it’s the telephone and video interviews. Relying on verbal communication only can be daunting, especially if you’ve never experienced telephone interviews before.  However, there is nothing to be worried about; as with the whole job application process and all its stages, if you prepare thoroughly and practice in advance, you will do great.

This month, we will give you insight into the world if interviews done either on the phone or online as video interviews. To kick things off, let’s see how you should NOT answer some common telephone and video interview questions…

boy interview

girl interview

Source: https://www.coburgbanks.co.uk/blog/friday-funnies/the-10-silliest-answers-ever-given-in-a-telephone-interview/


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In addition, websites such as TargetJobs have a lot of great advice on the topic, so do use the good ol’ Google to find out more, and do come back here to read what our students and employers have to say about the topic!

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