Meet Our New Placement Officer



I would like to introduce myself as the third team member of the Placements team in the business school.  I came through Strathclyde Business school studying Human Resource Management and that has given me a good understanding of some of the skills and qualities needed for business.  I went on to work in learning and development, coordinating, designing and delivering accredited and non-accredited courses.


I have a great deal of experience of helping people with employability issues mainly within the Third sector.  As well as helping clients build their confidence through identifying their strengths and skills, building strong CV’s and writing effective applications, I have organised work placements in all sectors.   I am a strong proponent of gaining first hand work experience and bringing in your fresh, current knowledge to the workplace.   I have helped many people gain employment which I find particularly rewarding.


In my various roles in Scotland and England I have taken placement students in the short and long term.  This will be helpful in knowing what employers look for and also the key aspects of what makes an outstanding worker.    This has been a privilege watching students grow in confidence and bring a fresh perspective and knowledge to the various organisations.   I have recently facilitated young undergraduates through the process of updating digital media in a local anti-poverty charity and I look forward to hearing how they progress in their careers.


I am looking forward to having the opportunity to meet you and to working with some of you with the guidance of Rob and Rochelle as I learn the many aspects of working at University of Southampton. It will be great helping you get that placement that will make the difference to making your learning real and start you off in a path of an incredible career.

Kind regards

Suzanne Wright


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