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This post is written by third year Marketing student Jessica, currently enjoying a placement at Biopharma Group.

Working at Biopharma Group has been an experience to say the least! This is now my seventh month at Biopharma, a leading supplier of equipment to pharmaceutical, biotech and process industries in the UK, Ireland and France. Being thrown into an industry that I wasn’t very familiar with was daunting to begin with but working in the sized company that I do, I’ve been able to pop into a colleague’s office and ask them a question straight away if I’m unsure about something – not often you can do this in a MNC! In addition to this, I had the opportunity to participate in one of the training courses the company offers which greatened my understanding of the industry I’d be working in for the rest of my placement.

Biopharma collage

Since I’ve started my placement I’ve always been kept busy! My boss and I are the only members of the marketing department which gives you an idea of what my workload is like. With this however, comes a great deal of responsibility which is something that I’ve always enjoyed. Being in charge of certain projects and getting to say that it was solely done by myself is a great achievement and really makes you feel as though you are valued in the workplace.

Biopharma2 CollageMy role at Biopharma is extremely diverse, I’ve done things that I never would have expected to and didn’t even know I was capable of. To top this off I work on five brands not just one, so as cliché as it may sound each day really does bring something different. Some of my tasks include managing our social media pages, creating both content and ads that are featured online and in pharmaceutical magazines, producing marketing collateral (flyers, articles, brochures) and updating the company websites using their specific CMS softwares to name a few. Within the first few days of my placement I was already taking part in our monthly Sales & Marketing meeting as I had to report my findings on a competitor analysis I had carried out in front of the rest of the team and even the CEO. So, if you’re worried about not having your voice heard that certainly won’t be a problem here!

Although at times I envy my friends who have gone on a year abroad or are still at uni, choosing to do a placement is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Being able to say that I have a year’s experience under my belt will not only help me in the future when applying for other jobs but will certainly be an advantage when returning to university in fourth year as I will be able to give and link real life experiences from what I’ve learnt on placement to what I’m learning in the classroom.

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