Got an assessment centre? Here’s some advice

We work with lots of students who have assessment centres at this time of year. Preparing for these sometimes nerve-wrecking days is important, and at Southampton Business School, we run mock assessment centres to help prepare you for success.

Aside from attending one of these useful sessions, what else can do to boost your assessment centre performance? In this video, taken from our online placement preparation course, we give some advice on how your mindset can affect your performance:

It’s easy to fall in to the trap of seeing other applicants as ‘the competition’ during an assessment day, which can negatively affect your performance. If you see yourself as being in direct competition with the other applicants, for some, this┬ácan lead to unnatural behaviours, such as being forceful or dominating. Assessors won’t view such attitudes positively: they’re looking for people who can contribute in team-working scenarios, get the best out of others, and put across their own ideas whilst listening to those of their colleagues.

Besides, at lots of assessment days, organisations are looking to recruit more than one candidate. Other applicants might be applying for different roles, or there might be several of the same role available. Treating your fellow candidates as colleagues, not competition, will put you on the path to success!

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