My placement so far: Fresh Relevance

This post first appeared on Sophie’s own placement year blog

I have started this blog to document my year, which I will be spending as a marketing intern for a business called Fresh Relevance. This is part of my BSc Marketing course at the University of Southampton. I am on a sandwich placement course, meaning that my course is four years long, as opposed to the usual three years, and  this year (my 3rd) is spent in a full-time, 12-month marketing internship.

So I got the exact placement I started second year wanting. I knew I wanted to stay local in Southampton, and that I wanted to try out working in a B2B environment. I also wanted more experience with digital marketing and the opportunity to do more blog writing. These four requirements led me to Fresh Relevance, “marketing hub for online retailers”. It was the one application I made knowing that I’d take it as soon as an offer came through, and after receiving an alternative offer I made the decision to ask for a week to decide, giving me time to chase Fresh Relevance, asking them to hire me.

Today I am 3 weeks into my placement, about to start my 4th. Almost a month in. Almost 1 down, 11 to go. It’s going fast. But how is it going? Right? Is that not what you want to know?

OK, so it’s going brilliantly. The entire workforce is amazing, and so supportive of one another. We are all coming together each day to keep the business moving and growing, and keep it as great as it has been for the past four years. The marketing team specifically is an incredible hub of support, and my boss Nanci is at the centre of it. We may not be in the same room every day but we speak every day without fail and she could not provide Ben (the Graphic Design intern) and I with better guidance.

In my first three weeks, I’ve learned and achieved a number of things. I’ve written and published my first blog post for the business, I’ve taken control of 3 of their different social media sites, I’ve led a demo call for the Fresh Relevance service, to prove that I understand what the business does and how it does it. I’ve used the service myself to create and implement smart blocks in emails, I’ve composed and sent multi-message emails to existing email lists, I’ve attended meetings, visited the office in London, and pitched ideas for blog posts and new social media uses to my line manager. I’ve also made edits to the business website.

It’s been a busy 3 weeks and it’s been very tiring but also very exciting. I’ve completed HubSpot certificates and have gained 20 brand spanking new LinkedIn connections. There have also been some great social opportunities. We’ve been to the local pub as a marketing team, and an entire business a couple of times, we’ve had a BBQ with the rest of the University of Southampton Science Park, we’ve been for a work lunch in London, and we went for drinks on a Friday after work in London to celebrate Theo’s (my former) last day with Fresh Relevance.

This blog is going to be dedicated to documenting my progress at Fresh Relevance this year, I will be writing in it between weekly and bi-weekly, dependent on what I see appropriate considering how busy my weeks are. I hope you enjoy following me on my journey, who knows where I’ll end up.

Until next time.

This post first appeared on Sophie’s own placement year blog
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