Placements explained

As part of our commitment to provide a challenging and engaging learning experience for our students, we are expanding our programme of work placements and internships across the faculty.

placement entails students working in your organisation for 8-12 months as an integral part of their degree programme – click here to learn more about the process. Internships offer shorter periods of work, often undertaken during the Easter or summer vacations.

Our staff and students are committed to employer engagement through a variety of opportunities. Curriculum-based projects and short-term internships enable students to explore a range of career pathways and develop essential employability skills. Year-long placements encourage sustained development for both the organisation and the student.

The benefits

Establishing links with the University of Southampton and providing placements or internships to our students offers substantial value to your organisation. Your business will immediately be recognised by a large and diverse body of students seeking employment and success in the years to come. Placements and internships can offer you the opportunity to develop your own aspiring managers, who may take on the supervision and development of a student.

Our challenging environment of academic excellence and active research creates bright, ambitious, and resilient students. Highly prepared and with a questioning mind, our students can offer your business the opportunity to undertake projects which might otherwise go unexploited. Supported by academics at the University, they can introduce new ways of thinking to help your organisation further your competitive edge.

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