Other opportunities

There are many other ways your organisation can connect with the University of Southampton and the Southampton Business School:

Guest lectures

Guest Lectures

From the beginning of their first year, all of our students enjoy a series of timetabled “professional skills” lectures to ensure that they are equipped to succeed. We welcome the involvement of employers in the delivery and planning of these sessions.

We welcome enquiries from organisations who would like to engage with our students on non-timetabled lecturers, workshops, or seminars. Please contact us to find out more about both of these opportunities to share your specialist knowledge with our students.

curriculum input

Curriculum Input

Our educational offering at undergraduate and postgraduate level is constantly evolving to reflect changes in technology and research. We welcome employer involvement in the development of new modules and degree programmes, ensuring that our courses provide graduates with cutting-edge knowledge and the skills required to succeed. Please contact us to find out more.



A centre of operational research, management sciences, and information systems, CORMSIS runs over 50 research projects annually for postgraduate students, providing valuable consultancy services to businesses around the world. We are always looking to work with organisations that have a problem or opportunity that would benefit from advanced modelling or analytical skills in order to deliver a practical solution. Simulation, optimisation, and data insight are just some of the modelling techniques used by students in order to deliver valuable solutions to business. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Career Destinations

Careers and Employability Service

The University’s central Careers and Employability service offer a number of employer engagement opportunities which enable you to reach the wider student body. Careers and Employability work closely with the Placements Office in the Southampton Business School to share opportunities to benefit employers and students.


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