Credit Analyst Internship – Volvo Financial Services

This Post was written by BSx Business Management Student Elizabeth Last currently in a Credit Analyst Internship Role at Volvo Financial Services

My role as a Credit Analyst involves a range of duties, involving underwriting applications for finance, working on projects for various staff within VFS and reviewing the UK and Irish portfolios in order to aid decision making for credit. I would encourage interns to apply for a role within VFS as you will be treated as a respected, credible member of the department and will be given an abundance of responsibility and independence. In particular, the Credit Analyst position will allow you to enhance your analytical skills, financial knowledge and understanding of the commercial market for Volvo and Renault products.  You will be encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone and will prepare you for a career after graduation. I am enjoying my placement year immensely and, since starting in June, have already seen myself become more professional and competent in skills such as Microsoft Excel, working under pressure, negotiation and many others.

As I am originally from London and am a student at the University of Southampton, I had to relocate to Warwick for this placement and I share a flat with a Marketing intern, also at Volvo Group. If this is something which you will have to do when applying, Warwick rental prices are modest and it is very easy to find a house share with another intern. Relocating has allowed me to experience Warwick and the West Midlands, which all adds to the adventure of doing a placement and building independence.

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