My corporate finance placement

This post was contributed by BSc Accounting and Finance student, Prabin

Choosing to do a placement was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – and choosing to do it at Meridian was an even better one. Although a small team, Meridian have a big impact on the south-coast business scene and have led some of the most exclusive transactions to household names across the globe. It’s been a very steep learning curve – and it has certainly been challenging at times – but with the support of everybody in the office, it has also been one of the most rewarding experiences.

Within the first few days of starting my placement, I was already involved in client meetings, financial analysis and financial modelling, and within the first few weeks – I was on a Sunseeker sailing across the channel to lunch at the Isle of Wight. With the variety of projects on board, it is definitely an environment which has never failed to keep me enthused.

Meridian’s role is leading a transaction and as part of the team here at Meridian, I work closely with clients, team members and other professionals alike to provide advisory assistance. The types of transactions I’ve been involved with vary across Mergers and Acquisitions, MBO/MBIs and Fundraising – and my role has varied depending on the transaction and the stage of the process. It has ranged from going out to meet clients in the early stages of prospecting, to sitting in front of a spreadsheet (with lots of tea) in order to understand their financial performance and forecasts, to being involved in the back and forth of lawyers’ negotiations.

The sort of insight into processes and market that I get is extremely valuable to me, and gives me plenty to be excited about. As I’ve gotten more comfortable and more settled in the processes I’m involved in – I’ve been able to take more on board in the office, and get involved in more and more events outside of work (usually involving lots of beer). The Corporate finance placement has definitely helped me realise what career path I want to follow in the future, and I feel it has given me a head start to a career in Finance.

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