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Placement Life at Oracle: The largest company you’ve never heard of – Part 3

This Blog post was written by BSc Marketing student Olly


It’s currently April as I’m writing this blog, 9 months into my placement with only 3 months left of my time at Oracle. By now I hope most of you have either secured your placement or are still in the process of getting a placement – If you are yet to secure your year in industry, keep going, don’t stop sending those applications and keep your options open.

These past 9 months seemed to have flown by; it feels like only last week I was receiving my handover documents… And now I’m the one preparing them! With each of these blogs I am always surprised as to what I have done since the previous blog I wrote, and this time is no different. I continue to play my part in my global Marketing team with my daily jobs: Managing an inbound lead email account, filling out the regular spreadsheets, sending all my usual emails and managing the Arsenal executive box. However, embracing the admin responsibilities of my job role has given me so many fantastic opportunities to get involved in projects that I never thought I would. Since Christmas I have really found my creative feet and developed knowledge of corporate branding – I undertook the task of teaching myself how to use the many Adobe Apps: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Premier Pro. With these new pieces of software I have been able to support the team in so many different ways, learning on the job whilst fulfilling a dormant passion of mine, design. I want to make my own stamp on my time here as an intern and to make myself an invaluable resource to my team or whoever I am helping – Whether that be from my direct marketing team, a different line of business or someone sitting next to me in the office. In addition to this, I have attempted to expand my creative abilities to photography and videography; I was given the opportunity to go to one of Oracle’s biggest events called Oracle Open World, held in London (Blog found here).  A digital communications intern and myself travelled to the event with a goal of filming and producing a short recap video of the event, we put our creative spin on the video and was received incredibly well by so many people – Multiple Oracle sales reps used it to post on their personal LinkedIn, It was shared on at least 3 internal newsletters and we were even contacted for it to be used as promotional material for the next two Oracle Open World Events in Dubai and Singapore – Spreading further and getting more views than we ever imagined.

Incredibly, I flew to Lisbon in Portugal at the end of March for our Oracle Hospitality Connect event – With primary tasks of photography and videography whilst also helping with social media and generally being an extra hand where needed.  In the build up to the event I used my new found graphic skills to produce physical assets that was seen and used by over 150 attendees. It’s fairly rare to hear of a placement student going abroad once, let alone twice! Before my internship began I never thought I would be jetting around Europe, I truly have become an international marketer. One thing that I was deeply interested in since I arrived at Oracle was the whole intern recruitment process, since Oracle Hospitality have a great commitment to my personal development myself and my partnering intern where given the responsibility to go through over 100 CV applications to our internship role. We went through all the CV’s, scoring them individually; the shortlisted candidates where given mini-interviews to gauge their personality & demeanour. After a few more steps we had the assessment centre with 9 candidates, all with great potential – A long and fun day of assessments and activities led us to the final selection process. One thing that I definitely won’t forget from this placement year is how as interns we were still treated as truly equals, even in this critical scenario, we were discussing with managers and executives who valued and appreciated our opinions – Ultimately, we found some great successors for next year! I have now finished my individual reflective report, covering my whole year at Oracle, how it has affected me, what relevance it has had to my degree and how far I have come. This report is far from a chore and is something that I enjoyed writing – Not only does it get me back in the swing of how to write University work but it also allows me critically reflect on all the things that I have done and how my skills have developed over this year.

With 3 months left, time really is ticking. This concludes my penultimate blog showing everyone what I’ve been up to and given even more of an insight into placement life, specifically here are Oracle. Let’s see what things I accomplish in my remaining months, taking every opportunity and learning more each day.