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Placement Life at Sainsbury’s Argos




I had featured in the first placement newsletter with a brief update on how I am getting on in my first week and now 8 months later, I have so much more to share with you! It has been an amazing experience so far and sadly coming up to the end of my placement.

So much has happened in the last 7 months and I will struggle to squeeze it all into this blog. My knowledge of both Argos Care and Argos Card has increased hugely since I have started here. As I work closely with both products, I can understand the product but also market to the right target audience through various channels both online and offline. I have been able to develop various skills during my time in the business which I can use both in my professional and personal life; the experience I have had so far is phenomenal!

So, what have I been up to so far? In the last couple of months, I have been super busy getting various creatives for Argos Care and Argos Card finalised for the catalogue launch within Argos. Each year, there are 2 key dates that fall at the end of Jan and end of July; this is the busiest periods for the company as we are getting everything ready for the launch of the new catalogue. I have been able to manage the Argos Card leaflet (that is in-store near the tills – go check it out!) from start to end which included getting the creative ideas in mind, getting the creative done, getting sign off from the key stakeholders etc. As I was involved in the previous Argos Card leaflet (however, I was pretty new to the business), it is amazing to see the changes that the leaflet has gone through. I have been working closely with agencies and other stakeholders within the team to negotiate timings and sign offs to ensure that deadlines are being met. I have also had the opportunity to be highly involved with creatives for the new branding of care, now ‘Argos Care’. This included the leaflets that are in-store, email banners being created, DM banners for Argos Care and the online pages. I was very pleased to see all the hard work being paid off and creatives are now both online and in-stores! I managed through the whole Argos Care pages on the ROI online Argos website which was a great achievement for myself. I have developed many skills during the last couple of months and am happy with all the outcome. I have enjoyed travelling around to visit key stakeholders and get to know them more.

There is much more that I have been involved in and yet to do but overall, I am having a great time in Sainsbury’s Argos. I am very lucky to have the support that I receive from my team and the company as they are always striving to get the best out of my placement! There are a couple of skills that I am hoping to develop in the last few months of my time here however, I am not hesitant to achieve these with the facilities that I have available. As we are already a couple of months into the new year, I understand that 2nd year students are already in the process of applying for placements, writing CV’s, cover letters and applications. Being a placement student myself, my best advice for you guys would be:

  • Choose a role you will enjoy – Ensure that you are reading the roles and thinking whether the role is for you. You are going to apply for many jobs however, don’t apply for the sake of it, make sure you are choosing a placement role that you will enjoy!
  • Be yourself – Companies that you will be applying for will receive hundreds of applications – best advice is to be yourself and explain why you want the role, why do you fit the job description? Why are you different to others? The more you talk about yourself and how you fit into the role, the more companies would find an interest in you.
  • Don’t stress! – The most important advice I can give you, don’t stress about getting a placement! I worried endlessly about not getting a placement, but everyone is different! You will get rejected from first, second or third process of applications but it happens, just keep trying. I felt upset that I was getting rejected but I never gave up. I received my job offer in May so if your friends have secured one and you haven’t, don’t worry! Your time will come, just keep searching for the right role for you!

Written by Ashma Ali