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Secured a placement!

This post was written by second year BSc Accounting and Finance student, Della.


Hi everyone, I hope your placement search is going well! I was recently lucky enough to be given an offer for a global investment bank – and it was my first placement application! I would like to share my experience with you, along with some tips I hope you will find useful.

Take time on your applications

As this was my first application, I had little experience of doing placement applications, and so spent a lot of time on it to make sure I showcased all the relevant skills for the job I was applying for. This helped me a lot. It is much better to spend a significant amount of time on each application, rather than sending off quick fire applications which tends to be a waste of time. I would say the most important thing is sending your application to your placement advisor as they can easily see any areas for improvement. The placement team have a huge amount of experience and are extremely friendly so please use their help!

Prepare well for the interview

As soon as I found out I got through to the assessment centre stage, I only had a week to prepare and of course was a little nervous. I contacted Rob, my placement advisor, and he devised a set of possible questions that would typically come up in the competency based interview. I then thought of a situation I could use to showcase each skill such as team working, leadership and problem solving, typed some answers out and practised saying them out loud to friends. Please note that the skills they ask about in your interview are highly based on the skills they are looking for in the job description, so read this carefully beforehand. Lastly, I definitely recommend having a mock interview with your placement advisor as it improves your confidence massively before the “real thing”.

Group task at assessment centre

As part of my assessment centre, I had a group task in which we had to read some documents individually, before having a group discussion/debate about the topics at hand, all whilst being observed. My advice for this session would be to make sure you write down the main points that you gathered from reading the articles, so you can remain engaged in the discussion and also build upon your teammate’s points. The key thing is to work with your teammates, not against them! Remember that a lot of interviews are done on a rolling basis, so if you all impress, you could all be successful. Although you want to stand out from the crowd, working with teammates shows that you can listen to other people’s contributions to create a well balanced argument, and that you are a ‘people person’.

Attitude at assessment centre

Your attitude at an assessment centre makes a huge difference, as you are not only trying to impress the interviewer with your skills but also trying to make them like you and want to work with you. It is a two sided thing. It goes without saying, but smiling will show interviewers your enthusiasm and willingness to learn/take initiative if you do get the job. You will inevitability be nervous in this kind of situation, but being yourself will show the interviewer your real personality and many companies really value honesty and integrity in their employees.

Thank you for reading my blog post and good luck with the rest of your placement search!


Shout out to Rob, my placement advisor, for helping me with my application, and the whole of the placement team as they are amazing and most of these tips were given by them. I really appreciate your help!



Events, events and more events

This post is written by third year Marketing student Ellis, currently enjoying a PR placement at BMW.

Although being an Events Assistant at BMW isn’t as glitzy and glamorous as I first expected, the breadth of the role has allowed me to explore many business areas and make the most of my time with the company.

When I am in the office, I support on day-to-day activities such as vehicle logistics and fleet management, updating Events information on our national website and social media channels, assisting with presentations and reporting and also budget keeping and finance admin. However, the unexpected nature of events means that I could be working on something different every week!


Since starting with BMW I have been involved with the preparation and execution on site of a number of events including: America’s Cup, Moto GP, Goodwood Revival, BMW Driving Experience Days and Frieze Art Fair. Over a short space of time I have experienced a broad range of the events BMW has to offer, but my favourite by far was Frieze Art Fair. I was heavily involved in the preparation of the event, taking responsibility of vehicle management and staffing, and although it had its challenges, working on-site was a great experience.

Working in the Events team means I get a lot of exposure to other areas of BMW. Most external events involve working with the Digital Marketing and bmw3Product teams as well as CRM. We also often work closely with the Modern Retailing team, and liaise with MINI on some elements of events. This has allowed me to experience the breadth of marketing in a large company and has helped me to focus my career interests for when I graduate. It has also given me lots of unique dissertation ideas!

Throughout the rest of my placement year I hope to take on more responsibility. I am recently organised a customer event for the launch of the M3 30 Jahre special edition, and I took sole responsibility for this event. It seemed intimidating to start with but it has allowed me to put into practice skills I have learnt in my degree and previous work experience, and the event was very popular on the night.

bmwcollageWorking in Events may be challenging, but it is an enjoyable area of marketing that allows you to explore your creative and organisational potential. I never expected to have so much responsibility on my placement but I am relishing in the opportunity and am slowly getting used to expecting the unexpected!

If you would like to apply for a placement at BMW, find out my top tips for applying here.


Secure your placement at BMW

Would you like to work for the world’s top-selling luxury car maker? BMW offer over 20 student placements across marketing communications, product, press, finance and aftersales, so you will definitely find something to suit you! To find out more about what it is like to work for BMW read about Scott and Ellis’ experiences on this blog.


Before applying for a placement with BMW, make sure you read our top tips from current student Ellis:

1- Be Authentic.

BMW’s corporate culture is all about being yourself. Telephone interviews and assessment centres are relaxed and are focused on your interests and experiences. It is encouraged that you work flexibly to ensure a good work-life balance throughout your placement, and that you are also true to your personality in the workplace!

2- Know the Brand.

Commercial awareness is essential whether you apply for a placement in marketing communications, product, press, finance or aftersales. Do you research about BMW and its competitors and this will pay off throughout the application procbmw-ho4ess.

3- Be Open to Other Roles.

Although you may have a set role in mind when applying, BMW may not agree that you’re right for that specific placement. However, if they think you are right for the company they may offer you another role across marketing communications, product, press, finance and aftersales. So stay open-minded! BMW is a great company to work for and whichever role you end up in you will get a wide range of unique opportunities throughout the year and get to work with many other business areas.

4- Show them you are Different!

BMW are looking for innovative young people to break down the old ways of working, simplify processes and move towards a flexible working culture. Don’t play it safe during the application process. Showcase your creativity and how you will be a key component of positive change in the

Applications for BMW placements 2017/2018 are open now until 4 December 2016.

To find out more and to apply for a placement at BMW, visit