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Learning Web development: A fast-moving target

EnAKTing is enjoying its final Summer of Code and will soon have a full ship of summer interns tasked to forge new tools and tech related to the use, publishing and manipulation of Linked Open Data.

With each new set of students, we find ourselves substantially revising our student training curriculum to reflect the new languages, toolkits, platforms, patterns/idioms and methodologies that have become “best practice” since the previous summer. It is absolutely astounding how quickly Web development as a practice changes and how quickly developers adopt and share new ideas and experimental tools.

One of our interns, Peter West, an alumnus of last summer’s enAKTing summer of code and professional independent web developer, has compiled a current guide for those transitioning from non-web languages to Web development.  He has decided to open it up to all (as a RFC) to engage the Web as a community to help those learning on board.   See Peter’s Diving into Web Development (June 2012) here.  I also keep an updated document of Favourite Toolkits and Libraries for efficient coding, which I call New Wave Javascript.   Both documents are open to public comment; please leave suggestions and ideas and we will add them to the doc!

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