Data Science Seminar: Spatial Data Integration

Data Science Seminar: Spatial Data Integration

On Wednesday the 8th of March, I attended the Data Science Seminar titled “Spatial data integration for mapping progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals” by Andy Tatem. Andy is a professor of spatial demography and epidemiology within the department of geography and environment and also director of WorldPop  and Flowminder Foundation. Prof Tatem started off giving us an overview of… Read more →

A Shot of Paul's Presentation

Paul Maltby: Transformative Data

As I have said in many of my blog posts, one of the best things about working as a DigiChamp here at Southampton is the continued invitations to some of the most high profile events happening at the University. This week again has been no exception. The pioneering nature of our Web Science Institute, and the dedication and hard-work of… Read more →

One of the earlier slides in Adrian's Presentation

A Career in Web Analytics

I think I’ve managed to a go week without writing a blog post for you all now, which is probably a good thing right?! (Un)fortunately for you all, I’m now back, and this time to talk about the recent talk at the Web Science Institute by Adrian Kingwell, entitled: “A Career in Web Analytics”.   Adrian Kingwell is Managing Director… Read more →

A Snapshot of Our Feedback

Digital Literacy Sessions for MANG1022 – Year Two!

Another year, another guest lecture…hopefully it doesn’t get any less exciting! Two weeks ago, trusty DigiChamps Tom Rowledge, Sarah Hewitt and Nic Fair and I all delivered a session on Digital Literacies to MANG1022. This was an interactive session, similar in many ways to the one last year, but also with an additional “Data-Gathering” dimension. I’ll come on to the… Read more →