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Digital Literacy Sessions for MANG1022 – Year Two!

Another year, another guest lecture…hopefully it doesn’t get any less exciting! Two weeks ago, trusty DigiChamps Tom Rowledge, Sarah Hewitt and Nic Fair and I all delivered a session on Digital Literacies to MANG1022. This was an interactive session, similar in many ways to the one last year, but also with an additional “Data-Gathering” dimension. I’ll come on to the… Read more →

Sheffield Hallam University

Social Media in Higher Education Conference

After a whirlwind week, submitting/doing almost all of my assignments, writing case studies and preparing an abstract for a summer conference, it was a relief when we passed the midpoint. This was not just because the weekend, and indeed the Christmas holidays were in sight, but because Tom and I would be travelling to Sheffield for the Social Media in… Read more →

Tom and I working on the Digital Literacy Session

A Personal DigiChamp Review

Summer is traditionally thought of as a time of reflection for students (whatever you might think, it is!) and that is exactly what I aim to do in this article. Specifically, I’m going to reflect on my role as a DigiChamp over the course of the past year. I have been looking forward to writing this article as, given the… Read more →