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The VC's Address

University Digital Day!

While the thought of returning to a lecture theatre during our summer break would fill most students with dread, the moods of Thomas Rowledge and I were quite the opposite as we travelled up to Southampton from Poole on Thursday. This is because we’d been invited to cover the University of Southampton’s Digital Day, hosted by the Web Science Institute… Read more →

Google Trends Graph for Fake News

WaIS Seminar: Fake News!

I became aware of this week’s Web and Internet Sciences Seminar conveniently just as I was working on my dissertation proposal on much the same topic. This week’s speaker was Nick Anstead, Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Director of the LSE’s Politics and Communication MSc. Nick was speaking today on Fake News, something… Read more →

Data Science Seminar: Spatial Data Integration

Data Science Seminar: Spatial Data Integration

On Wednesday the 8th of March, I attended the Data Science Seminar titled “Spatial data integration for mapping progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals” by Andy Tatem. Andy is a professor of spatial demography and epidemiology within the department of geography and environment and also director of WorldPop  and Flowminder Foundation. Prof Tatem started off giving us an overview of… Read more →