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DigiChamps who are actively involved in the programme.

The Beginning of Privacy

Privitar: How to Protect Private Data

Fresh from the weekend, and with memories of my lunch on Friday still in my mind, Monday led to another Web Science Institute Talk, this time with Tom Rowledge alongside. We were attending the Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training talk on “How to Protect Private Data”, given by Jason McFall, who is the Chief Technical Officer at Privitar. Jason is responsible… Read more →

Rory Mullarkey visits WSI

Rory Mullarkey visits WSI

On Friday, I was invited to take part in a discussion-based lunch with Rory Mullarkey. Rory is a playwright whose current show, George and the Dragon, is on at the National Theatre. The lunch was arranged because Rory has been commissioned to create a play about the Internet (of which the Web is obviously a very important part!) by the Nuffield… Read more →

M.Hildebrant address the room

Professor Miereille Hildebrant visits the WSI

On the 9th of October, the Southampton Web Science Institute was incredibly proud to welcome lawyer and philopsher Professor Miereille Hildebrant. If a speaker is introduced and we are told that she “optimises the intellectual goals and aims of Web Science”, we know that it’s going to be an exciting talk and, sure enough, Miereille was not a disappointment. Her… Read more →

The VC's Address

University Digital Day!

While the thought of returning to a lecture theatre during our summer break would fill most students with dread, the moods of Thomas Rowledge and I were quite the opposite as we travelled up to Southampton from Poole on Thursday. This is because we’d been invited to cover the University of Southampton’s Digital Day, hosted by the Web Science Institute… Read more →