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Sheffield Hallam University

Social Media in Higher Education Conference

After a whirlwind week, submitting/doing almost all of my assignments, writing case studies and preparing an abstract for a summer conference, it was a relief when we passed the midpoint. This was not just because the weekend, and indeed the Christmas holidays were in sight, but because Tom and I would be travelling to Sheffield for the Social Media in… Read more →

Doc Searls at Southampton

Doc Searls at Southampton

One of the undoubted highlights of my time at WebSci@10 this week was the first panel and the debate on trust online. This debate was incredibly profound, and this owed largely to the quality of the panelists. One of the panelists who’s views I found most interesting was Doc Searls, author and Director of ProjectVRM from the Berkman Klein Center… Read more →

Social Media Coverage - WebScience@10

Social Media Coverage – WebScience@10

Tuesday, 29th November marked the 10th Anniversary of Web Science – the interdisciplinary study of how the web shapes society, and vice versa. Myself and a small team of Digichamps were invited to the event, in order to provide social media coverage and assist with the live stream of the event which was broadcast with global participation from the Web… Read more →