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From DepositMO to DepositMOre: what’s in a name?

Hands up those who know what the MO stands forĀ in DepositMO. I see a few familiar hands, from people who know the project or have been attentive to this blog. What about those new to the project – can you work out what it stands for? Well, it is Modus Operandi, and refers to the aim of the project to change the modus operandi of repository deposit. Obvious really, if you connected deposit to repositories, and from experience knew that it might be a good thing if the process of repository deposit could be improved, from a user perspective.

Alright, we agree, it’s not the most intuitive of project names. But with one leap to a new project we are free, and the genius of the original name becomes apparent. Simply appending two characters to the name we have DepositMOre, and all becomes clear. Well yes, you still have to make the connection with repositories, but once that is known the purpose of the project is clear: deposit more content in real repositories. Need we say MOre?

Yes, we do, but that’s for another post, where we’ll bring you up to date with the story of the new project so far.

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