Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security

South East Cyber Crime Workshop

Cyber crime is a complex and emerging (inter)national threat, and fighting it is one of the pillars of the UK cyber security strategy. According to Francis Maude. Minister for the Cabinet Office,

[…] by 2015, the aspiration is that the UK is in a position where: law enforcement is tackling cyber criminals; citizens know what to do to protect themselves […]

As the national response grows, the NCA, the regional Organised Crime Unit, and the Cyber Security Centre at the University of Southampton partnered together in the South East Cyber Crime Workshop to study the role, composition, interaction, training and research activities of the newly formed Cyber Crime Units.

The main questions the workshop sets out to explore are:
    what is a police cyber crime unit?
    what does it need?
    how does it operate?
    how can academic cybersecurity research support them?

David Allen,
      Head of Intelligence of South East Regional Organised Crime Unit

Vladimiro Sassone,
      Director of the Cyber Security Centre, University of Southampton

List of Keynotes and Talks

Welcome Steve Chisnall, Southampton, Director of Strategy and Planning Vladimiro Sassone, Southampton, Director of Cyber Security Centre
Opening & Strategic Overview Jon Boutcher ACC, Deputy ACPO Lead for Cyber
Bio & Cyber Metrics Mark Nixon, Southampton, Computer Vision
South East Forces: Current and Future Capabilities Thames Valley, Richard List Hampshire, Roger Wood Kent, Steve Woollcott Surrey/Sussex,Andy Haslam
Software Vulnerabilities Denis Nicole, Southampton, Electronics
National Crime Agency Position Kevin Williams, NCA, National Cyber Crime Unit
Strategic Policing Requirements & Minimum Standards Kevin Williams, NCA, National Cyber Crime Unit
Cyber Crime and its Psychology Craig Webber, Southampton, Criminology
A Case Study Jason Tunn, Metropolitan Police, PeCU
Evidential Considerations in Cyber Crime Investigations Simon McKay, McKay Leeds, Law
RIPA and Social Network Surveillance Micheál O’Floinn, Southampton, Law
South East ROCU Cyber Crime Unit: Build & Capabilities Craig Jones, South East ROCU, Cyber Crime Unit
Provenance Analytics and Crowd-Sourcing Dong Huynh, Southampton, Web Science
A Capability Framework for Cyber Crime Jeff Longrigg, College of Policing