Challenging questions and ethical obligations: the ethics of everyday practice > 21 January 2015

Hungry Worms


Send a book on a journey!

We are pleased to be supporting the ‘Hungry Worms’ initiative, which is a grassroots, community initiative created by award-winning dementia pracademic Darren Gormley. Darren created Hungry Worms in October 2014 from the refuge of his flat in Sands End, Fulham. Darren says the concept is “..super-simple. Finished a book you love? Donate it to us & it’ll find its way into the home of someone in your local community. This blog The #HungryWorms Story illustrates our remarkable journey”.

Visit the Hungry Worms website to see how it all began – and if you have just ONE special book that you would like to donate, please bring it along. Darren will be attending the event as our ‘social reporter’ – tweeting and blogging – and will be delighted to take your special book on to the next stage of its journey!



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