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Government & Public Policy

Policies span governmental jurisdictions, the public and private sectors, and the third or voluntary sector. Most policies involve several forms of governance; markets or contracts and patient choice, hierarchy or bureaucracy, networks or partnerships; and association or mutual societies. Each form of governance has distinctive problems and in each policy arena ‘it’s the mix that matters’. We explore not only the individual governance and implementation structures but also their mix in policy arenas with wicked problems that are topical, strongly contested, continuing, and beset by fragmented and overlapping responsibilities. Problems have no definitive formulation; no clear link between cause and effect. There are no right or wrong solutions. There are competing explanations with their own preferred solutions with each solution bringing another problem. We seek to describe such complexity and to explain the intended and unintended policy consequences of the different governance arrangements.

Prospective PGR students who want to  learn more about the specific interests of group members should click on the links below:

Rod Rhodes

Ingi Iusmen

Alix Kelso

Will Jennings

John Boswell

Gerry Stoker

Watch Rod and John speak about this research group  in the video below.


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