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Globalisation, Development & Inequality

Political and economic globalisation, together with the emergence of acute transnational problems and a widening gap between rich and poor across the world, pose fundamental challenges to the orthodoxy of the governance and development paradigms. The advent of transnational crises – environmental catastrophes, systemic financial collapse, terrorism, migration, global poverty and pandemics – raises major theoretical and practical issues as these developments have also given rise to the emergence of a diversity of modes of discontent rejecting existing forms of governance at national, regional and global levels of political economy. Researchers in this group address these issues and ask: how do turbulent politics, uncertain economies, poverty, and inequality of opportunities generate cycles of contentious politics? How should we understand and respond to poverty and inequality at the global level? How do states and transnational organisations respond to claims-making by civil society movements? Are alternative forms of power relations and post-neoliberal governance arrangements likely to emerge and consolidate as responsive and inclusive models of development? Are they legitimate? Whose interests do they reflect?

Prospective PGR students who want to  learn more about the specific interests of group members should click on the links below::

Pia Riggirozzi

John Glenn

Justin Murphy

Chris Armstrong

Watch Pia speak about this research group in the video below.


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