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Citizenship, Justice & Democracy

Problems of citizenship lie at the heart of many of the most important challenges facing the modern world. Whist the citizens of some countries are making unprecedented demands for democratic voice and the recognition of their civil and political rights, in others there is also mounting disillusionment with existing political processes and a questioning of the legitimacy of governments. In western democracies the current wave of austerity has provoked concerns that the social rights associated with the growth of welfare states are under growing attack, whilst many governments have responded to the financial crisis by demanding greater responsibility of their citizens. This cluster also examines inequality and justice across a number of dimensions, from local to global, and across dimensions (amongst others) of class, nationality, ethnicity and gender. It seeks to learn and integrate lessons from conceptual analysis and comparative politics, and to pay heed to new voices in debates about inequality and justice.

Prospective PGR students who want to  learn more about the specific interests of group members should click on the links below:

Chris Armstrong

Bryony Hoskins

Matthew Ryan

David Owen

Tracy Strong

Alix Kelso

John Boswell

Ben Saunders

Gerry Stoker

Michael Elliott

Eloise Harding

Watch a video clip of Matt Ryan talking about the research group below.



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