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Citizenship, Justice & Democracy

Problems of citizenship lie at the heart of many of the most important challenges facing the modern world. Whist the citizens of some countries are making unprecedented demands for democratic voice and the recognition of their civil and political rights, in others there is also mounting disillusionment with existing political processes and a questioning of …

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Globalisation, Development & Inequality

Political and economic globalisation, together with the emergence of acute transnational problems and a widening gap between rich and poor across the world, pose fundamental challenges to the orthodoxy of the governance and development paradigms. The advent of transnational crises – environmental catastrophes, systemic financial collapse, terrorism, migration, global poverty and pandemics – raises major …

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Government & Public Policy

Policies span governmental jurisdictions, the public and private sectors, and the third or voluntary sector. Most policies involve several forms of governance; markets or contracts and patient choice, hierarchy or bureaucracy, networks or partnerships; and association or mutual societies. Each form of governance has distinctive problems and in each policy arena ‘it’s the mix that …

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Institutions, Risk & Security

Globalisation is changing the nature of the risks facing modern societies and government. These risks take the form of ecological perils, the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, cyber-attacks, contagion in financial markets, infectious diseases, power blackouts, global terror networks, large scale industrial accidents and introduction of next-generation biotechnologies and nanotechnologies. Traditionally, threats …

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Migration & Membership

The movement of people within and across polities is a pervasive feature of contemporary political life. Some of these movements are largely unremarked, others provide sites of moral panic and contending political rhetoric; all of them contribute to profound social and cultural changes and often demand new policies. The drivers of migration can be diverse, …

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