Dec 07

Symposium on Chris Armstrong’s forthcoming book, ‘Justice and Natural Resources’

On 25th and 26th January, the University of Bristol are holding a symposium on a forthcoming book by Professor Chris Armstrong, Head of Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Southampton.

Political and moral philosophers are devoting increased attention to the questions of who should control access to natural resources and how the benefits of natural resources should be shared. Stress on essential resources such as fertile land and clean water, growing energy insecurity, contested mineral extraction rights, the dangers of global climate change, population growth, and general environmental degeneration will trigger and intensify conflict over natural resources across and within national borders in years to come. These pressure points call for a critical re-assessment of existing and evolving principles of natural resource governance internationally; and of ideas concerning the normative foundation of rights to natural resources.

In his forthcoming book, to be published by Oxford University Press, Chris Armstrong presents a comprehensive study of justice in natural resource distribution. This symposium, which is sponsored by the Society for Applied Philosophy, aims to advance the debate on justice and the distribution of natural resources by taking Armstrong’s highly original and timely book as our starting point.


Invited speakers: Chris Armstrong (Southampton); Clare Heyward (Warwick); Alejandra Mancilla (Oslo); David Miller (Oxford); Margaret Moore (Queen’s, Canada); Cara Nine (Cork)

Organisers: Megan Blomfield (Bristol); Fabian Schuppert (Queen’s, Belfast)

This event is open to all but spaces are limited. Please email natural-resource-justice@bristol.ac.uk to register.

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