Sep 03

New C2G2 Seminar Series

Hi everyone,

Check out the new seminar series for this semester on our Events page.



Sep 01

New research output

John Boswell has published a paper in the latest Perspectives on Politics. Details are below:

Title: “Deliberating Downstream: Countering democratic distortions in the policy process.”

DOI: 10.1017/S1537592716001146


Sep 01

Grant success

John Boswell and Paul Cairney (Stirling) have been successful in the latest BA/Leverhulme Small Grants round. Details are below:

Investigators: John Boswell and Paul Cairney (Stirling)

Title: Who own the prevention agenda?

Short abstract: The early part of this decade saw great enthusiasm for the idea of ‘preventative’ policymaking, but government support now seems to be ebbing. This project will track what has happened to the prevention agenda, who (if anyone) now ‘owns’ it, and if (and how) they are seeking to reinvigorate support. We will do so through an in depth qualitative comparison of arms-length agencies devoted to the promotion of preventative health across the four nations of the UK.

Sep 01

Upcoming workshop with Prof John Parkinson (Griffith)

We have scheduled a workshop with John Parkinson, visiting from Griffith, to discuss his project ‘Sparking a National Conversation’. It will be on Tuesday, October 11 from 3-5pm in 58/4121. Apologies to anyone teaching or otherwise committed at this time, but we needed to schedule it outside the normal C2G2 seminar slots. Look forward to seeing you there!

Sep 01

New Research Output

Ben Saunders has a new paper out in leading philosophy journal Mind. Details are below:

Title: ‘Reformulating Mill’s Harm Principle’
DOI: 10.1093/mind/fzv171

May 26

New research output!

John Boswell has published a new paper in BJPIR detailing the fizzling out of the ‘fat bomb’ in obesity policy debate. Check it out here.


May 26

Research news!

Ming-chin Monique Chu’s research monograph, The East Asian Computer Chip War (Hardback, Routledge, 2013)will be released as a paperback on 4 June 2016 by Routledge. See the publisher’s link and the reviews of the book below:

May 26

New research output!

Ming-chin Monique Chu has published a new article in The China Quarterly examining the process, causes and repercussions of the accession of Taiwan, as a contested state, together with China, to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in 1991, the first intergovernmental organization that Taipei has joined since 1971.

Chu, Ming-Chin Monique (2016) No need to beg China? Taiwan’s membership of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation as a contested state. The China Quarterly, 225, 169-189. (doi:10.1017/S030574101500171X).

Readers can download the accepted version from the link below:

May 13

Migration@Southampton Research Network Goes Online

The Migration@Southampton Research Network that Dr. Ana Margheritis coordinates since 2014 has an online presence now. This is an interdisciplinary group formed by colleagues and postgraduate students at the School of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences and the Humanities. Their expertise addresses migration-related challenges through world-leading academic research, teaching, advocacy and mutual exchanges with academic and non-academic communities within the university and beyond. Network members have been working on programme development, joint publications, event organization, grant writing and other activities. Find out more about this exciting initiative and related news at

Apr 15

C2G2 Seminar Series kicking off again

The C2G2 seminar series is set to kick off again after the Easter break. Seminars are Wednesday lunchtimes in 58/4121 (unless otherwise specified).  A light lunch is served and all are welcome. As always, there’s an excellent range of speakers and topics. Check out the schedule here.


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