Feb 09

Grant success!

Prof Rod Rhodes, with colleagues Susan Hodgett (Ulster) and Mark Bevir (Berkeley), has won an AHRC seminar series grant on Blurring Genres. The details are recorded below:

AH/N006712/1 Blurring Genres Network: Recovering the Humanities for Political Science and Area Studies  (with Susan Hodgett, University of Ulster: and Mark Bevir, University of Berkeley). £36,000. January 2016 to September 2017.

This research network will bring together an interdisciplinary and international group of experts to explore the ways in which the research methodologies usually associated with the Arts and Humanities are being recovered by political scientists, area studies scholars and policy makers internationally. Five seminars will be held around the UK (at the universities of Southampton, London ( SOAS), Manchester, Ulster, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office). There will also be a seminar held at the University of California, Berkeley. Each university, the FCO and the Cabinet Office have committed to contribute to support these events. The outcome of the seminar series will be an edited book by Hodgett and Rhodes.

Feb 01

New Research Output

New PAIR colleague and C2G2 member Raimondas Ibenskas has published an article explaining party mergers in Europe available on early view in The Journal of Politics. Details and a link are below:

Ibenskas, Raimondas (2016, early view). ‘Marriages of Convenience: Explaining Party Mergers in Europe’. The Journal of Politics, doi: 10.1086/683685

Feb 01

New Research Outputs

C2G2 Director Will Jennings has been busy. His recent  publications include:

Jennings, Will, Stoker, Gerry and Twyman, Joe. (2016, early view). ‘The dimensions and impact of political discontent in Britain’, Parliamentary Affairs, 1-29. doi: 10.1093/pa/gsv067.
Froio, Caterina, Bevan, Shaun and Jennings, Will. (2016, early view). ‘Party mandates and the politics of attention: party platforms, public priorities and the policy agenda in Britain’, Party Politics, 1-37, doi: 10.1177/1354068815625228.
Hood, Christopher, Jennings, Will and Copeland, Paul (2015, early view).’Blame avoidance in comparative perspective: reactivity, staged retreat and efficacy’, Public Administration, doi: 10.1111/padm.12235.
Ford, Robert, Jennings, Will, Pickup, Mark and Wlezien, Christopher. (2015, early view). ‘From polls to votes to seats: forecasting the 2015 British general election’, Electoral Studies , 1-18, doi: 10.1016/j.electstud.2015.11.013.
Farrall, Stephen, Gray, Emily, Jennings, Will and Hay, Colin. (2015, early view). ‘Thatcherite ideology, housing tenure, and crime: the socio-spatial consequences of the right to buy for domestic property crime’, British Journal of Criminology, doi: 10.1093/bjc/azv088.
Bevan, Shaun, Jennings, Will and Wlezien, Christopher. (2015, early view). ‘An analysis of the public’s personal, national and EU issue priorities,’ Journal of European Public Policy, doi: 10.1080/13501763.2015.1070191.
Gray, Emily, Jennings, Will, Farrall, Stephen and Hay, Colin. (2015, early view). ‘Small big data: using multiple data-sets to explore unfolding social and economic change’, Big Data & Society, doi: 10.1177/2053951715589418.

Jan 25

New research output

Ana Margheritis has a new book out with Routledge: Migration Governance Across Regions. Click this link and check out the blurb below:

To what extent emigration policies are effectively engaging citizens abroad with home polities, redefining citizenship, and fostering new forms of transnational governance? Building upon field research done in Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, Ana Margheritis explains the timing, motivations, characteristics, and implications of each country’s outreach efforts, the emergence of a distinctive regional consensus on migration management and citizenship construction, and migrant views in specific localities in Europe. She argues that these outreach efforts resemble courting practices. Courting diasporas is a deliberate expression of the ambivalent, still incipient, and open-ended relationship between states and diasporas which is not exempt of conflict, detours, and setbacks and may (or may not) unfold into stable and fruitful partnerships. 

Jan 08

New research output

John Boswell has recently published a paper with Selen Ercan (Canberra) and Carolyn Hendriks (ANU) in Policy & Politics on studying deliberative practice. Check it out at:


Dec 16

New Research Output

Hear Rod Rhodes reflect on his latest article on Recovering the Craft of Public Administration in PAR by clicking here.  You can find the original article at:

Rhodes, RAW, 2015, ‘Recovering the Craft of Public Administration’, Public Administration Review. doi: 10.1111/puar.12504.


Dec 16

New research output

Rod Rhodes has had an article republished in Chinese Public Administration. You can find it at:

罗茨著 R. A. W, ‘王宇颖译. 如何管理政策网络?’[J]. 中国行政管理, No. 11 2015: 139-45. doi: 10.3782/j.issn.1006-0863.2015.11.26

That is: ‘How to Manage Your Policy Network’. Journal: Chinese Public Administration.

Dec 02

C2G2 Research Impact

To mark the culmination of their ESRC Seminar Series on children’s rights in the EU, Ingi Iusmen (along with Liverpool’s Helen Stalford) led an impact activity at the European Parliament in Brussels. The event brought together MEPs, academics, NGOs and affected young people themselves to engage in critical discussion about EU children’s rights activities. The centrepiece of the event was an interdisciplinary edited volume resulting from the seminar series. Check it out here: http://www.budrich-verlag.de/pages/frameset/reload.php?ID=1006&_requested_page=%2Fpages%2Fdetails.php.



Dec 02

New Research Output

Alix Kelso has a new paper out in British Politics looking at the procedural politics of the Queens’ Speech. Check it out at:

Kelso, A (2015), ‘The politics of parliamentary procedure: An analysis of Queen’s Speech debates in the House of Commons’, British Politics, doi:10.1057/bp.2015.49.


Nov 24

C2G2 in the news

A number of C2G2 staff and students were featured in a lengthy BBC Politics South feature on the recent Citizens’ Assembly for the Solent region. Will Jennings, one of the leaders of the broader ESRC project, was interviewed for it. See and hear more by clicking this link.


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