Exeter #JiscCAN17 Conference Day 1

Day 1

   After commuting over half the country (despite in reality only having travelled 80 miles) arriving at the #JiscCAN17 conference in Exeter early Thursday morning, Team Southampton were ready and raring to deliver our presentations and learn more about the fascinating field of Students as Change Agents. Kicking off the day at 10.00 AM with plenty of coffee Lisa, Stefan, Avalon, Ivan and myself began immersing ourselves into the full conference experience; planning which presentations to attend and which workshops to sample. Alongside various presentations our first day was also our busiest, being involved in delivering a presentation on students teaching digital literacy within the context of Co-Design delivered by Lisa and Tom, and then a workshop on self managed learning delivered by Stefan with assistance from Avalon, Ivan and Tom.

   Regarding the first presentation, the response and interest from the audience was incredibly engaging with several questions regarding to what extent Co-Design influenced and helped shape our approach to delivering the sessions. One of the questions that stuck with me was a query into whether we had any formal training in order to deliver the session. Neither myself nor Tom Davidson had received any formal training in teaching, but despite this received very positive feedback and is indicative that students do not need an extensive bureaucratic framework to be able to contribute to and engage within their course – or indeed others.

   By lunch we are in full conference swing and planning out the afternoon. We discussed the workshops/presentations we had been in (or participated in) in the morning session and begin to gear up for the 2nd half of the day. Following a range of delicious sandwiches over lunchtime, we had to prepare for the workshop session. Approximately 20 people were present in our session whom engaged thoroughly with the discussion facilitated. Throughout the presentation they asked many questions and were genuinely interested in Self Managed Learning (SML), and indeed after Stefan was able to deliver his perspectives on the most efficient ways to implement it there was a degree of interest from the audience regarding to what extent they could establish self managed learning within their specific academic contexts.

   The first day drew to a close following our workshop delivery – to celebrate a successful day the team headed into Exeter City Centre to see the sights and sample some of the local cuisine; notable a south indian restaurant! This provided us an excellent opportunity to discuss the day and cover some of our key feelings and reflections going into the second day. You can see some brief clips from Stefan, Avalon and Ivan here:


Hard at work Selfie Start of Day Selfie Lovely Campus Lisa and Tom
Check out our blog post on the second day to find out how it went!

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