Students as Creators Project

Mark Gatenby and Lisa Harris are running an Education Enhancement Fund project called “Students as Creators and Change Agents” (#SBScoCreate). A team of students from across the University are helping them to design the structure and create content for a new common first year to a suite of Business programmes.

Team meeting, with Bartosz on Skype :-)

The aim is to offer a broad education that is organised around a liberal interest in ideas, along with contemporary relevance, to help students to understand the impact that business has on their lives. The new programmes operate as pathways offering six distinctive perspectives on business: analytics, management, history, philosophy, entrepreneurship, innovation. Delivering the new modules involves collaboration across a number of Faculties as part of a wider strategy to embed the Business School more strongly in the intellectual life of the university. The focus during the co-creation stage of the project is on four new modules:

Lisa and Mark are incorporating lessons learned about the role of technology in education from the successful MOOCs that the University now offers, in order to make sure that students arriving at University “hit the ground running” and get the most out of their time with us. They are also embedding principles from Lisa’s award-winning Curriculum Innovation module Living and Working on the Web.  This module encourages students to “eat the dogfood” – developing their own professional digital profiles and enhancing their employability and good citizenship skills.

Student Digital Champions (Digichamps) Olja Rastic-Dulborough and Tim O’Riordan acted as mentors to the undergraduate team of Bartosz Paszcza (Physics), Charlie Mason (Politics and International Relations), Tim Mitchell (Business School) and postgraduate student Sylvian Patrick (Business School).

The work that the students are doing includes:

  • Sourcing and evaluating possible online platforms (eg Blackboard, Moodle, e-folio, WordPress)
  • Investigating models of module structure that are used in introductory courses at other universities
  • Sourcing and evaluating free web-based tools/apps that could be utilised to help new students manage their learning
  • Obtaining and analysing feedback from current students on the various options proposed.
  • Checking out possible interactive exercises, gamification techniques, quizzes etc
  • Sourcing and curating relevant module content from the web for the new modules

You can read more about the background to our project on the SBS website

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