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Hi all! Hope you have enjoyed some of the recent posts on the blog, we endeavouring to bring as much relevant and interesting content to you as possible, so please let us know if you have any feedback! We have also been contacted by a number of societies, including Fish On Toast, who have asked to share news of the latest AGM with you. I have included the text from Vice President Laura Varney below, and hopefully some of you will take her up on this fantastic opportunity! Thanks for you continued support, and please follow us on twitter at @SBSBusProgs if you haven’t already!

Interesting in starting a business? Want to get some amazing experience on your CV? Join one of the best societies in Southampton by signing up for our new 2016/2017 committee! If you haven’t already heard about who we are and what we do, take a look at this video 

Our AGM will be taking place on Thursday 10th March where candidates will be expected to present and answer questions about why they are suitable for the desired position.

To join our AGM, please fill out this

Below are the following positions available.

Co-President – The effective management of the sub-teams (competitions, conferences, Spawn, and events) and ensuring the day to day activities of the society are running smoothly.

Vice President – Help and assist the presidents in the completion of their obligations and duties

Events Managers – Event managers will be allocated a number of events for which they will have the responsibilities of project manager. This responsibility extends to planning, marketing and organisation as well as the booking of speakers and event coordination

Spawn (Start up program) Leaders – Spawn leaders are expected to advertise the program, find the teams and organise and plan training sessions as well as facilitate links between mentors and teams.

For more information about the positions, go to:

Please email if you have any further questions.

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