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Working on our presentation
Working on our presentation

Last week was a very busy week for Co-Design, with a trip to Exeter Change Agents network, and this week built on that! In total 5 members of the group attended the British Conference on Undergraduate research in Bournemouth, and another 4 attended the Chartered Association of Business School’s conference in Bristol.

Tom Rowledge and I attended the Bournemouth conference for both days, and we were joined by Stephanie and Aressma on Tuesday and by Sam on Wednesday. The conference was great, and almost entirely populated by students of various levels, and from a variety of institutions. The presentations were in keeping with this variety, covering everything from moose feeding habits to the dissolution of human rights by government, and from cultural diversity and attitudes on migration to improving simulations for future Hyper-Kamiokande.

Despite this, our presentation was one of the only ones which looked at education. We naturally focused on the research role we have in the Co-Design group, and the way in which we explore the power of students working with lecturers. It was well received and we very much enjoyed hearing some questions and ideas on how we could further our research within the group and beyond. Our slides are available on SlideShare by following this link.

For Stephanie and Aressma, it was their first experience of a conference, and they very much enjoyed it. In fact, I don’t need to tell you how much they enjoyed it because on Tuesday we filmed videos with them both, talking over their experiences! They also made some suggestions on things to take back to implement at the MANG1021 conference. Stephanie’s video is available here, and Aressema’s here.

The conference overall was a fantastic example of, and insight in to, the high standard of undergraduate research going on across the country. It is fantastic to be able see this, and I personally think more should be made of the work undergraduates are completing. I’m interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this, but perhaps it could be something for the Co-Design group to work on?

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